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I told my Drinking Buddy I missed talking to him.
Actually what I told him was I had a very unpirate thought and it disheartened me once noticed.
And that without my phone... I became aware of the absence of talking to him.

And today he said, "I was thinking about yesterday, and in your own little Alli way you kinda said you missed me yesterday."

I could only say, because it was completely true, "Yeah... I tried really hard to avoid that word"

Because I do like him. But I think relationships are retarded and I don't believe in them.
And to find myself desiring one is so hypocritical it makes me sick.

buuuut. I cannot deny... nor apparently cannot stop over thinking this and it's possible ends.

So he gets in my car today and tell me he had an inappropriate dream about me last night.... and now that's like seven hours later I have a great response lol.

But. Idk.
I have to lose weight and lately all I've wanted to do is eat. and eat and eat.

Now I'm tired.
And I'm going to crawl into bed.
And wish that he was next to me.
And then get pissed that I actually thought it. And have unintentionally thought it the last week.

I blame Wisconsin winters.
It's fucking cold.
Well only negative 4 tonight.
Was negative 17 or 19 last night.
Fuck. That.

So anyways I just have to lose weight. Only concern on my mind right now. Well tomorrow. I'm going to bed soon.



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